Testing fire alarms is a detailed and technical process that requires a true expert. Brimstone can be your trusted source for fire alarm testing because our certified technicians are highly experienced and well-trained. Our team is capable of confidence testing a wide variety of fire alarms.

We can make sure that your individual fire alarms, and comprehensive fire alarm system, are always at peak operating performance. In your fire alarm testing process we will test and calibrate your alarm sensors, simulate inputs, set sensitivity levels, coordinate with your local fire department, and check batteries. Depending on your results, we’ll assist you in taking the steps necessary to either get you up to code or keep you there. And with proper annual testing by Brimstone, you may be eligible for a significant reduction in your fire insurance costs!

For more information, visit our Fire Alarms and Fire Alarm Inspection pages. Or call us today to learn more about your required testing frequency!


fire alarm testing