Smoke control is a comprehensive approach to fire safety that involves various features, devices, and systems. Smoke control helps prevent smoke and carbon dioxide from flowing freely throughout an entire building. This can be achieved by either containing the smoke at its origin or managing the smoke in a defined space.

Our smoke control system begins with an advanced automatic sprinkler system to limit fire growth and contain smoke. Natural venting or mechanical venting systems are additional control features that can be tailored to each customer’s needs. 

Smoke control can be a complicated endeavor because of the number of factors involved. The experts at Brimstone understand how the complexities of air flow, outside temperatures, wind speeds, and barometric pressure affect fires and smoke. Taking these factors into account, we can create the best smoke control system for your unique space. We will also inspect and test your system thoroughly to ensure effectiveness, as well as perform repairs and service as necessary.

Smoke system installation options